Pullman place is a 55+ cooperative located on the edge of a vibrant, attractive townhouse community. One of my favorite things to do is look out my windows, or sit on my balcony and watch children at play and people of all ages walking, pushing strollers, bicycling, running and walking dogs. I have left my old neighborhood, but I have gained a new one. I love it.
– EM
I never thought that one day I would be living in a large home with so many wonderful friends. I continue to be loved and accepted just as I am. To me, this is just an amazing lifestyle.
– RD
I was one of those guys who came to Pullman Place dragging my feet. I was quite content where I was. I first considered the move because I knew that the opportunity to socialize was important to my wife. And, there were some features that appealed to me, like underground parking, no more snow shoveling or lawn mowing, and being able to turn the key and leave for a day, a month or longer without worry. Now, in addition to those things, I have found a lot of new friends, a variety of meaningful activities and events, building security, and a good hard-working staff who care about the building and its people. Should the need arise for some additional services or care, our close connection with Guardian Angels of Elk River is a wonderful bonus. I am now one of the staunchest supporters of the cooperative concept. My wife and I are so happy that we decided to become part of this active community know as Pullman Place.
– AR
Living at Pullman Place has afforded us an ease of living that we couldn’t have anticipated. We enjoy the ability to simply lock up when we go South for the winter with the knowledge that our home is secure and well cared for in our absence. The friendships and camaraderie with other members makes this a very special place for us to live.
– C & DB
I moved to Pullman Place two years ago. I really enjoy it. I have family, grandchildren and great-grandchildren near by. I have gained so many friends here. We do puzzles, play cards and other games and enjoy our cook-outs and potlucks. I feel so safe, our security is good. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. I lived as a widow in North Dakota for seven years.
– BD
Safety and comfort in a home, flexibility in a lifestyle, and the ability to daily meet and greet neighbors and friends – Pullman Place has it all. I absolutely love my home at Pullman Place.
– MD
Pullman Place is my home. I love it here. My family and friends feel this is the place for me. Many activities, caring members, reasonable expenses and a very comfortable living environment.
– GR